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The growing importance of E-Learning in India

E-learning implies education through electronic means. India has undergone massive digitization in the past few decades. Up until the last century, India was dependent on the conventional classroom model of teaching. To meet the needs of changing times, India has evolved with time to accommodate other modes of learning.

The entry of other modes of learning in the education sector has helped the students gain more clarity regarding the various concepts. It has also helped students gain exposure regarding education in other parts of the world. It has helped them be on the same footing as their counterparts all over the world.

What is e-learning?

E-learning involves the exchange of educational material and resources on online platforms, apps, webinars, CDs, and more. The e-learning system has made life easier for students by making education more accessible and fun-filled. Interactive tools and platforms are a common feature of all the learning apps present at the moment.

Psychologists too hold the belief that an audio-visual medium of education is more impactful than the conventional chalk duster method of learning. The top online learning platforms make use of these audio-visual methods to teach children.

A new dimension of e-learning in India

With the Covid-19 pandemic causing the conventional education system to come to a grinding halt, the relevance of smart education has only increased. The unprecedented crisis called for technological innovation and India adapted to online learning for kids.

The top online learning platforms witnessed a boom in their business with more and more students getting used to the e-learning system. According to a joint study undertaken by the World Bank, UNESCO, and UNICEF on National Education Responses to school closures due to the pandemic in 118 countries in the first phase and 149 countries in the second phase showed that 89% of the countries had done something to enhance access to online learning for kids.

While the smart education market in India stood at $247 million in 2016, it is expected to reach $1.09 billion by the end of 2021. It is also expected to have a compounded annual growth rate of 52%!

Importance of e-learning

Learners today are seeking education from advanced, self-paced, mobile, and customized learning apps. The importance of e-learning can be stated as follows:

  • The application of e-learning at various stages of learning has helped the students learn more quickly.
  • The interactive methods of teaching adopted by the smart education industry have helped the students in grasping concepts fast because of the audio-visual medium.
  • The learners can get access to up-to-date content at any point in time and be at par with their counterparts in any part of the world. The content on the platforms is updated regularly and with the influx of constant innovations, the platforms never run out of new content.
  • E-learning has helped the learners access the material and lectures any number of times, which reduces the chance of the learner missing out on some concept or topic.
  • The audio-visual medium has helped in the easier assimilation of knowledge.
  • E-learning has helped the students reach out to the best tutors from any part of the world. E-learning has also helped the tutors to significantly expand their student base and hence, multiply their earnings.
  • The learning apps have eliminated any kind of discrimination based on the place of residence, every student has access to the same kind of resources.
  • E-learning has eased the process of obtaining a degree or completing a certificate skill course without ever having to attend a school, college, or training institution.
  • The learners can choose to attend the classes required to obtain the degree at the
    time and place of their convenience.
  • E-learning is cost-effective because the process of learning is fast and convenient.

Various Advantages of e-learning

E-learning has several benefits associated with it. Some of them are:

  • There are many top online learning platforms to choose from. This makes choosing the appropriate learning app according to need a very easy task.
  • Learning from the best online education platforms is an easy and flexible process.
  • The learners can access content from anywhere at any point in time using the device of their choice.
  • Students can access the resources any number of times according to their needs. This prepares for exams an easy affair with students being able to revise the concepts taught in live classes over and over again.
  • Smart education has reduced the costs and time associated with traveling to the respective institution, school, or college; giving the student more time to study and learn. Increased time has also helped students acquire new skills and learn things outside the prescribed curriculum.

XSEED, the best learning app in the world!

There are several smart education platforms out there to help children reach new heights in terms of education, but XSEED is the best learning platform out there. XSEED has a very interesting interface and caters to the needs of all the students out there. The XSEED school program has been developed by alumni of world-famous institutions such as MIT, Harvard, Cambridge, and IIM Ahmedabad.

The XSEED program included a very minutely detailed curriculum catering to the needs of all the education boards such as ICSE, CBSE, Indian state boards, US Core, and Singapore board. The XSEED method replaces the narrative method of teaching and resorts to a more attractive interaction-based learning method.

Their teaching method is based on action, reflection, and feedback. The students are given the option to and encouraged to provide feedback on what they are learning. Before the classes start, the teachers ask the students what they already know. Then they conduct an experiment or group activity to let the children speak up.

The teachers ensure that the children can complete all the application-based questions. The children are encouraged to practice daily to have a complete understanding of the topics and subjects being taught.

The XSEED platform is one the best learning apps out there in India to meet the growing and evolving needs of children seeking world-class education.