3 years ago

Howard Gardner & More – What to Expect at the XSEED Education “Conversation”

XSEED Education is back with the 10th edition of its XSEED Education Conference in India, with a new line up of expert speakers and a fresh format to engage school leaders better. This year, the gathering will be conducted in an exciting new “conversation” format, a deviation from the earlier speaker-listener conference to innovative and engaging two-way conversations.

XSEED Education Conference 2018 will be held on 4th August 2018 at ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru. The four and a half hour event will have a crisp timeline and four exciting segments including Candid Conversations – featuring school leaders, teachers, parents, and children – and the Global Guru Conversation featuring Dr. Howard Gardner. “People are tired of listening to speeches in one-way conferences. The feedback we have received is that they want to be heard, they want to say things”, said Ashish Rajpal, Founder & CEO of XSEED Education.

Role of Technology in School Success, the theme for this year’s conversation, is most appropriate at a time when jobs and skills are the concern of every parent and student. Each year in India, millions of students graduate without the necessary skills to get a job. “This foundation, or the lack of it, is laid in school,” says Rajpal. “A good school is the one that gets its students future ready. We are discussing if technology can help make students and schools more successful”, he adds.

Technology for schools has been a knotty problem over the years. While at first glance most digital learning solutions seem promising, in reality, technology in schools has been “oversold and underutilized”, as noted technology educator Andrew Gardner points out. School leaders often agree that investment in infra-heavy tech products has not brought measurable value to students. Effective digital solutions for schools must actively build thinking and problem-solving abilities. The conference will bring together leading thinkers, like Dr. Gardner, to confer on the issue.

We hope that you have registered for the XSEED Education Conference 2018 and would join us as we welcome the speaker panel. In case you are unable to attend the conference, the event will be streamed live 2 pm onwards at https://www.info.xseededucation.com/webcast.