3 years ago

Lessons from an XSEED School Leader: Online Teaching Transition

“XSEED provided us the roadmap when reality hit us hard and with it, came a sense of helplessness.” Ms.Giulia Santhosh. After the initial days of the lockdown, it became a given truth that there was no turning back from going online. Most school leaders were conscious of the potential of technology but wary of its limitations. Honestly, most were skeptical and had reservations. With nothing to loose, Guila decided to attend the first session of the Saturday Series with her team.

90% of her teachers have only mobiles, limited data plans, and bandwidth issues. This is what worked for her: –

  • Group around Resources: Start with the ones who volunteer. One per group to have a laptop (own or borrowed).
  • Practice daily: In order to get familiar with technology and build confidence, the teachers practiced amongst themselves first.
  • Innovate & adapt for activities: Drawing slides with markers, taking pictures/videos at home connecting the topic with its application were alternatives to downloads.
  • Trial Classes followed by feedback: Pre-work for the peer group observing followed by their inputs on what could be done differently made the learning richer and quicker.
  • Trust XSEED Method: Children knew classroom norms, how to do prework, and reflect post the activity, share answers in turns: this worked wonders to run the online class smoothly.
  • Bandwidth issues: Here is where school management can support.  Looking at options for a cumulative plan worked.
  • Abandon uniformity mindset: Parents of children too have device/net coverage issues, especially in remote towns. It will be irresponsible to stop learning for the remaining who do and are willing. Get creative for the rest: WhatsApp, video recordings of the zoom lesson, etc.
  • Condition to upskill: The reality is that we could get away with so much before but not anymore. Classroom teaching has to move to a whole new level, offline and online. Recondition our teachers now, when we have the time, is essential. More so because the others are.

“For the first time in weeks, I felt I had done something future-worthy. The pride in my teacher’s voice when she said we are now like city teachers was priceless” said Giulia. With online classes,  it’s all about good teaching. There are no limitations. It’s time to embrace the change.