3 years ago

XSEED Education Conference 2018 receives overwhelming response from school leaders

XSEED Education organized its 10th annual XSEED Education Conference on August 4th 2018 in Bengaluru. The event was hosted at ITC Gardenia where over 600 school leaders gathered to engage in innovative conversation around education. The XSEED Education Conference was also cast live on XSEED’s website, where many others joined virtually.

The theme of this year’s conference was the Role of Technology in School Success. In a unique move, XSEED Education changed the conference format from a tradition speaker-listener conference to a series of two-way conversations with students, parents, teachers, school leaders and expert citizens such as Dr. Howard Gardner from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Andrew Gardner, a renowned technology educator.

Here are a few video highlights from the event:

  1. Dr. Howard Gardner shares his view on technology in education
  2. Andrew Gardner speaks on integrating technology in schools
  3. InMobi co-founder Piyush Shah talks about employability among students in a tech-led 21st century


  4. Ashish Rajpal has candid conversations with students, parents, school leaders and other expert citizens