3 years ago

XSEED Education launches the XSEED Customer Care (XCC)

XSEED Education has launched the XSEED Customer Care (or simply XCC), a single-stop solution for partner schools to get in touch with us. Schools will henceforth be able to contact us with queries and feedback for all XSEED products and services.

“Call 1-800-102-7200 or write to customer@xseededucation.com, and you will get a response!” says Virender Verma, General Manager XCC.

The XSEED Customer Care is an initiative to build a single point of contact that takes care of all issues, queries, and requirements from our partner schools. The initiative is the result of our efforts to learn from our experiences and be true to our commitment to improve continuously. Even if you are writing to your education coach or any other XSEED employee, do copy customer@xseededucation.com in your email. It will ensure your request is recorded, tracked, and addressed.

The XSEED Customer Care in action

XSEED’s products are centered at the idea of changing a traditional practice of learning and we understand that anything new requires change and support. The XCC has been designed to resolve queries we receive and seamlessly escalate them to the relevant department heads.

“The process has been carefully created to ensure a quick and responsive service to our partners. Over years of partnership, we have developed foresight into the queries we are expected to receive, and the team is prepared and motivated to deliver effective solutions promptly”, says Virender Verma, General Manager, XCC