3 years ago

The All New XSEED Foundation Program and its 7 Powerful Features

XSEED Education has launched its all-new Foundation program for schools across India. At its core, XSEED Foundation ensures careful attention to the evolving needs of parents, teachers, and the school management—while keeping the child at the foundation of it all. Foundation also comes with great improvements based on half a decade of learning from the XSEED Prime program across over 3,000 schools in India and the rest of the world.

XSEED Foundation is now available to schools for Academic Year 2019-20. With 7 unique and powerful new features, it is the best that XSEED has to offer.

  1. Parent Focus: XSEED Parents can now stay actively engaged with their child’s progress, taking the quality of Parent Teacher Meetings to a whole new level. The Parent Handbook gives daily learning updates across subjects, guides parents on how to engage with their children, and includes a journal to record observations of the child’s progress. The XSEED Parent App offers model answers to homework questions as well.
  2. E-Training for Teachers: Foundation features monthly teacher professional development, through a combination of XSEED’s proven support visits and all-new E-Training sessions run by its central academic team. The E-Training sessions cover a range of critical topics, such as reading strategies, independent writing, STEM skills, and assessment. Each session leads to certification of teachers and schools.
  3. Superior Content Books: Foundation books are designed to international standards. They are visually superior with life-like pictures and a more engaging design to foster children’s natural curiosity and build a love for reading and learning. Foundation also addresses the issue of student bag weight, with Content Books split into three volumes, so a child carries thinner books to school every day.
  4. Unique Grammar Program: Foundation includes an innovative grammar program that makes grammar fun and memorable while providing rigorous and meaningful practice. The Student Grammar Guide includes grammar explanations, games, and quizzes to ensure mastery of each topic. A Teacher’s Grammar Manual includes engaging Lesson Plans for the whole year.
  5. Advanced Practice Focus: Foundation includes additional practice for maths and English. The Math Practice Journal reinforces problem solving skills, with 60-80 real-life math problems per block. The English Practice Journal gives extra reading comprehension, writing, and vocabulary practice for every block. Both Practice Journals include solved examples to show students how to tackle problems on their own, and come with model answers on the XSEED Parent App.
  6. Two subject-specific upgrades, in Maths and Hindi – Foundation comes with a completely revamped G1-5 maths program, which takes into account XSEED’s learning and feedback from schools over the past 5 years. The all new Foundation Hindi program comes with XSEED Method Lesson Plans for the whole year, along with well-researched, diverse, and up-to-date literature across grades. A higher quality Hindi program does not exist in the market.
  7. XSEED MAX – now with the best digital learning program for English – Foundation comes with the STEM power of MAX, which now covers English as well. MAX English builds a love of language and reading, with high-quality literature from international and Indian authors. Students express themselves by speaking and writing about their own experiences and connecting them with literature.
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