5 years ago


“XSEED has delivered what it promised and has stuck to its core aim of enriching education in schools”

– A School Owner

We are delighted to share with you XSEED Stories – a selection of 25 letters written to us by the leaders of XSEED member schools across the country describing the impact XSEED had on their children.

Through real anecdotes from children, teachers and parents, these letters paint a picture of what authentic learning actually looks like – children experimenting with their own hands, solving real world problems, and building the unafraid character needed to face life. They also prove that when teachers are equipped with the right tools and support, they can bring lessons to life in their classrooms.

Set in big cities and small towns, serving both the needy and the af uent children and located at every nook and cranny of India, these stories prove that context and resources do not limit progress.

XSEED has crossed an important milestone of reaching one million children. While these numbers make us very happy, what makes us truly proud is the visible impact XSEED has had on how children actually learn, how teachers teach – as a result of which there is a huge improvement in schools.

We invite you to take time to read these stories and experience the possibility of unleashing the potential of every child we educate in our schools.